Create a healthier & cosier home with a dehumidifier

There are four main factors that lead to a build-up of excess moisture in your home; laundry, washing, cooking and of course, people. As most households involve clean clothes, clean people, cooked food on the table and people to live in them, there is a high chance that your house may contain troublesome excess water in the air.

Most know the main purpose and benefit of a dehumidifier to be reducing this excess moisture in your home, but few may know the many additional benefits they have. Dehumidifiers typically work by drawing air in via a fan. Once inside the dehumidifier, the air condenses over refrigerated coil and the water is drawn out and normally collects in a tray or barrel that you then dispense of. This is perfect for getting rid of any extra moisture in your home, via mould, damp or excess condensation on windows. It can dramatically improve the look of your home by reducing these unsightly areas. Yet, this isn’t all they do. Dehumidifiers have an array of other wonderful benefits that can contribute to a much healthier, cosy home environment.



Dehumidifiers are extremely efficient at making your home a healthier place to live. Did you know that dust mites, which can trigger allergies, thrive in damp environments? This means that if your house has excessive moisture in the air, the air that you’re breathing day in and day out isn’t as clean as it could be. This can cause itchy, dry skin, irritated eye conditions and worsen symptoms for those with asthma. Dehumidifiers are a fantastic solution to this problem. By drawing out the excess air in your home, you are creating a more hostile area for these pesky dust mites. You’ll start to notice yourself breathing deeper, the air feeling cleaner and notice that any troublesome, related skin conditions start to improve.


As well as dehumidifiers creating a healthier indoor environment, they are also brilliant at making your house a cleaner place to live. No one wants unsightly mould on the walls. By drawing in excessive moisture from the air, dehumidifiers are eliminating the potential for mould and damp, which can make your house dirty and inhospitable. The smaller benefits are very handy as well. By simply reducing condensation on your windows, they will be cleaner and streak-free, meaning you won’t be forced to clean them as often. These things will make your house feel a lot more homely.

More energy efficient

Believe it or not, investing in a dehumidifier can actually make your house more energy efficient and reduce your heating bills. The reason why? Dehumidifiers are incredibly effective at helping people to dry washing in their home. The nature of how they work means that they draw in excess moisture from your clothes and help them to dry. This reduces the need to increase the temperature of your heating and you can put on clean socks in the morning! Plus, on the whole, running a dehumidifier is a lot more cost-effective than heating or energy costs, so you’ll hopefully notice a reduction in your bills as well.

With these wonderful benefits, you’ll soon be delighted with the look and feel of your home once you start using a dehumidifier. Your house will be cleaner, cosier and even more energy efficient in no time!


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  1. December 19, 2014 / 9:19 pm

    They do sound rather good! We don’t get damp on our walls etc, but condensation on the windows dries my mad and I hate it when the washing gets nearly dry but won’t finish drying properly without the radiators!
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