Keeping your little one warm outdoors

The UK is infamous for its unpredictable climate, meaning that even on a warm spring or autumn day, the temperature can drop away steeply.

As a parent you’ll understand the importance of keeping your baby warm, but constantly dressing and undressing her with multiple layers, can be both impractical and time-consuming. Instead, some simple alternatives can help to keep your child warm with minimal fuss; meaning you can prepare her for a trip outdoors quickly and easily.

Footmuffs for convenience and warmth on the go




Wrapping your baby in blankets while travelling in a pushchair can be problematic; blankets have a habit of working loose and falling off, while your child may quickly discover the fun factor in kicking them aside. A footmuff is a practical alternative, which cannot come adrift during a journey; also, it can be swiftly unzipped so that you can remove your child or cool them down.

With universal openings on the rear which fit the standard five-point safety belts installed on many pushchairs and strollers; the footmuff cannot be detached but will remain in place, free from becoming trapped in the wheels. Most products have a fleece or similar lining, so that your child is warm on even the coldest days. It is no longer necessary to wrap your baby in multiple layers; becoming too warm can cause your child to become unsettled or uncomfortable, so regulating their body temperature is far easier.

Suitable for children up to 3 years in some cases, footmuffs are also available in an astounding variety of colours and designs, so it’s guaranteed you’ll be able to find a product that you like.

Snowsuits for the walking, tumbling toddler


keep kids warm


If your child is of the age where pushchairs are unfashionable compared to two feet, a snowsuit is the perfect way to keep her warm, while also offering thick padding for those unavoidable tumbles! Despite their name, snowsuits are not only for the coldest winter weather, but are also suitable for any time of the year when the temperature is cool; you’ll also discover some all-in-one options offer greater insulation, as they are more thickly padded.

With a waterproof shell, integral gloves and a hood also common features; snowsuits are ideal for the active child who enjoys splashing in puddles and making snow angels on the front lawn.

Whatever the age of your child, keeping warm outdoors is possible even in the coldest weather. With a footmuff a great option for inactivity while sitting in a pushchair, and a snowsuit perfect for the child who can’t sit still for long; you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that all the warmth is on the inside.

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