Friday morning saw me wake to news I really did not want to hear. This isn’t going to be a political post. I haven’t calmed down enough to write a reasoned response to the result of the European Referendum. Am sure there will be one, but not yet! I woke… View Post

Yup – more brownies – we just can’t get enough of them at the moment! This time I went for chocolate orange flavour – and they were utterly delicious and are sadly long gone. I will be making these again without a doubt!       5.0 from 6 reviews… View Post

Yay – Summer is here! (Well, it was last week – the sun seems to be hiding behind rain clouds currently – boo) Inspired by last weeks almost tropical temperatures I went tropical with my cake flavours. This pineapple and coconut cake has a pineapple sponge, topped with a coconut… View Post

A few years ago, before our first weekend at Camp Bestival, I wrote a post on ‘How To Fail At Camping’ – here is an extract:- ‘So you have agreed to go camping. You have done it before, and it was a near catastrophic event, but like child birth, you… View Post

So, you want to spice up your weekend with a fun themed Mexican party? Perhaps you have the night off and want to have some friends over but don’t know how to make it a night to remember. Well here are some great ways of turning a bag of potato… View Post

Wow, how on earth is it June already? I still think it is about 1998 half the time anyway, but this year seems to be absolutely flying by! Father’s Day is creeping up fast, and I have chosen some of my favourite gift suggestions from the awesome Truffle Shuffle website… View Post

My kids love brownies. I love brownies too. I like to try out different variations each time I make them, sometimes inspired by something I have seen elsewhere, sometimes inspired by what is in the cupboard when the mood strikes. This was one of the latter occasions – I actually… View Post

Summer is flitting in and out at the moment. In the morning she may be firmly here, and my cardigan is shed before the school run is complete, yet that very same afternoon I shiver my way up the road, having under-estimated the change in temperature. Sometimes summer days call… View Post