We are very lucky to live close to the coast, when the sun peeks it’s way through the clouds, or even when it doesn’t show it’s face at all, we can jump on the train and get off by the sea 8 minutes later. I like the beach in Winter,… View Post

I love brownies, their heavy, rich chocolateyness, with a hint of sticky gooeyness in the middle. I bake them a lot (see my salted fudge or almond recipes), but I had never made their twin – the blondie. The baking mood struck on Sunday afternoon, and after a rummage around… View Post

I love having the kind of meal where we all dig in to various bowls and pots on the table, creating our own mix of favourites on our plates, I find it is a good way of persuading Syd to try a few different things and it makes for a… View Post

We Are Tea are a London-based, independent, ethical, multi-award-winning tea business attempting to do things a little differently. They follow a simple philosophy – they ethically source exceptional whole-leaf teas from artisan producers around the world and hand-pack them right here in the UK. They sent me one of their… View Post

So we had some elections Thursday, and plenty of people voted and plenty of people didn’t, and some people are now Police commissioners with their own hotline to Batman, and some people are new mayors of places, and some other stuff. It wasn’t the most exciting of elections where I… View Post

You know the downside of having an addiction to baking? The fact that there is always delicious and fattening treats in the house, calling my name. I am all too aware that the winter has left me carrying a little more weight than I would like and the warmer weather… View Post

I love chocolate brownies, as do my boys, and I like experimenting with different additions for variety. A few months back I shared a recipe for almond brownies, this time I have made vanilla fudge and sea salt brownies. And they were delicious…

Saturday morning we went to a children’s birthday party in a village hall. 30 kids and a bouncy castle, hot, sweaty and very noisy. While it was fun, it left us in need of the opposite – space and fresh air, so we headed up to the nearby Hardye’s monument… View Post