Moo, Cool as…..

Syd has recently started having a beaker. It’s a messy dribbly business, and that’s even without him discovering the ability to pour liquid everywhere at will. I tried a couple of non-leak cups, but they have not counted on the cunning of Sydney. They may not leak when he tips them up- but he has found a way of squeezing the spout so it pours everywhere, creating highchair tray lakes and soggy bottoms.

When Max was young the only thing I found that did the trick was the Anywayup cup. But they seemed to have vanished off the face of Planet Beaker. Until they appeared on twitter a few weeks back looking for people to test their new, about to be re-launched beakers. Yes please I said, and this week, this little beauty arrived.

I am a sucker for animal print so I have to say I LOVE the design. I threatened to keep it for myself, I even briefly considered the suggestion, by a helpful anywayupcup twitter person, that I drink wine from it. Actually – maybe they should expand into adult cups- I know a few that could use a non-spill cup after a couple of drinks…

But- being the all-round brilliant mother that I am, I did, eventually unpackage it, and give it to Syd. And thus far, after a day of use, he has failed to spill any from the cup. He still leaks from the mouth, but I guess until they invent non-spill babies I am stuck with that! So that is a big┬áMiss Cisco thumbs up for the Moo cup – looks good and does the job – and as you can see, Syd seems to like it too..

The cups, other designs also available, will be available to buy from their website from the 1st of August, and will soon be followed by this range of Bird cups.

Lovely peeps that they are, they have offered the chance for one of you lot to win a trio of bird cups like the ones pictured here. Usual RafflecopterUK stuff, and UK residents only please. Once I have the winners details the Anywayupcuppers will send the prize out to you direct, there may be a small delay as they haven’t launched yet – so you will be among the first to get your mitts on them. ( Is it unethical if I enter? I want bird ones too!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck All!

Love Miss Cisco xxx


The winner is Mel Sinclair @MissRoc1 on twitter- CONGRATULATIONS!

Please email me your address details to and I will pass them on to the Anywayup people.
For those who were not lucky enough to win, the Anywayup website launches today so you can now buy their fab cups online! Woo!


  1. Suzanne
    July 18, 2012 / 12:17 pm

    Ah this brings back memories….we were a huge fan of ‘anyway up cups’….back in the day!

  2. ChelseaMamma
    July 25, 2012 / 11:14 am

    Great comp – I have tweeted but my phone won’t copy and paste – will try and put it in later!!

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