A Little Less Me- The End. Or is it?

I am at the end of my first 12 weeks on the Weight Watchers plan. A little shy of 3 months ago I set myself a goal of losing 21lbs during this initial period.

And guess what- I only bleedin’ well did it! YAY!

I have lost exactly one and a half stone, which is more than 10% of my start weight. I am beyond thrilled!

I still have another 7lb to go to reach my pre-pregnancy weight, but I am sure by sticking to the plan (apart from a few days off over Xmas) I will soon shift that. I hope by the end of January that I will be at my goal weight.

I have another 3 months of Weight Watchers membership ahead of me, and before I reach the final, final end I will do one last update to let you know how I get on at keeping the weight off- so look out for that in March.

Finally- my nifty tips!!

Swap potatoes for zero point alternatives- swede mash is great with sausages or pie, and use roasted butternut squash where you might normally have a jacket spud. Both are equally delicious as the potato, but with no points at all! At this time of year we all crave comfort food- and these swaps have made sure I still feel warmed by my dinner, but haven’t gone over my points allowance.

Meringue Nests and Sponge Fingers. If you are biscuit fiend like me, both of these are low point ways of getting that sweet crunch with your coffee!

Skimmed milk. I refer you to the above coffee. I like it. A lot. And I like it strong AND milky. A swap to skimmed milk saves LOADS of points.

Use quorn or soya products. I am vegetarian anyway, so no hardship for me, but I did notice that in most cases the veggie option is a point or two lower than its meaty equivalent. If you haven’t done already- give it a go, you might like it, and it might get you a bonus sausage on your plate!

Weight Watchers do a tasty range of cakes, biccies, breads, and crisps. These are your friend, especially on the run. Pre-pointed, only 2-3 points at a time, and tasty too! They also do a range of ready meals- I haven’t used them myself as the vegetarian range wasn’t easy to find in my small town, but I have heard some positive rumblings from other weight watchers members.

So there we go,

That’s the definitely smaller Miss Cisco signing out for a bit!

Time for some new clothes!!

Disclosure:- I was lucky to be picked by Britmums to be part of a team of bloggers challenged to lose weight in the run up to Christmas, I was given 6 months free Weight Watchers membership and a selection of their products to use. However my journey has been an honest one and I am genuinely delighted with the results I have achieved. Thanks guys!

Click here for info on how you can trial the weight watchers plan!

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  1. The Beesley Buzz
    December 7, 2012 / 2:21 pm

    Wow – well done you! 8 months later I am still way over my pre-pregnancy weight. I’ve been inspired now to try to make a bit more effort to shift this weight. I can’t wait to get into some of my old clothes again. x

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