Baby It’s Cold Outside – Heat Holders Leggings Review

OK. So thus far it has been soggy rather than freezing, but apparently that is all about to change, and if like me you only have the one blood cell dedicated to keeping your limbs warm then you have probably been a bit chilly anyway. So when Heat Holders asked if I would like to test a pair of their thermal underwear leggings I gladly agreed to try them.

Or rather I would have tried them if they hadn’t been nabbed by the 16 year old as soon as they popped through the letterbox. To be fair to her, her journey to and from school everyday involves a 25 minute walk each way whatever the weather, so she probably does need them more than I do!

thermal leggings, stay warm

She thinks they are fab- she has so far been wearing them with skirts and shorts, but has given it a try and they fit under jeans for an extra layer on really cold mornings. They are somewhere between leggings and tights, not so easy to pull holes in as tights thank goodness, as she costs me a fortune that way, but not quite thick enough to be worn without a skirt or shorts for fear of visible knickers! They definitely add extra warmth to an outfit and I think they are going to really come into their own over the colder snaps, and save her from arriving at school a peculiar shade of blue.

As for me, I shall have to buy my own pair, and carry on drip feeding myself hot chocolate and cake to stay warm…

Love Miss Shivery Cisco XXX



  1. January 12, 2013 / 3:30 pm

    Ooo my extremities are always cold! Like the sound of these! Xx

  2. Kath Bee
    January 12, 2013 / 4:27 pm

    My rule is never expose your crotch or above in leggings even if 1) they are thick enough and 2) you are 16. Its not a good look. So it doesn’t matter that these aren’t thick enough to wear without anything. I might get myself a pair of these in time for the upcoming cold snap

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