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Most of us are multi device households these days. We have a variety of computers, tablets and phones that we can access the internet via. McAfee LiveSafe offers one package that covers all of these. Of course we are all familiar with the need for anti-virus software on our computers, but Android devices are also at risk from these, and as my 10 year old has a Nexus 7, I was keen to get that protected as well.  We also have iPads and iPhones – these IOS devices aren’t very vulnerable to attack as yet, so virus protection is not currently available on these, but you can still access some of the other very useful features of McAfee LiveSafe on them.

Not only is good quality protection important for the health of your equipment, with more of our lives operated online these days, it is important we are keeping that information protected as well. The other features of Live Safe include SafeKey and McAfee locker. These aspects of the LiveSafe package have very useful functions. SafeKey stores your passwords so you can manage and use them across all your devices- useful if like most of us you have a dozen or more to remember! McAfee locker allows you to store sensitive personal data in a secure online vault, accessed only with your face and voice. You can also activate the facility to track and lock your equipment in the event they are lost or stolen.

McAfee LiveSafe

Installation was quick and straightforward.  McAfee LiveSafe is supplied in the form of an activation code. To activate your subscription you visit the web address provided with your package, and input the key code from the back of your subscription card. You are then helped through the installation process. This took about 15 minutes in total, including the automatic removal of my existing virus software.

McAfee installation

Once this installation was complete you then have the option of installing on tablets and phones. I chose to install it on my sons Nexus, to prevent accidental download of anything problematic. This is installed via an email link which sends you to the relevant app store to download.  The download took mere moments, and after a swift scan was up and running in the background.

McAfee installation Nexus

In terms of usage, I have found it very unobtrusive, and it doesn’t seem to have had any adverse effect on running speed on either of the devices I have installed it on so far. It gives me peace of mind that I have up to date protection not only on my laptop, but also on my son’s tablet. The McAfee LiveSafe package costs  £79.99  a year, and this seems reasonable value for such a comprehensive package of safeguards that work across multiple platforms and devices. It has parental controls so you control what your kids see, the high quality virus protection you would expect from McAfee, and also a wide range of features from password protection, secure document back-up, shredders, etc to give you complete confidence that your online identity is safe, however and wherever you log in.

Love Miss Cisco XXX

Disclosure: I was sent a years subsciption to McAfee LiveSafe as well as compensation for the time taken reviewing the product, however I maintain editorial control, and the freedom to review without constraint.


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  1. Irving
    February 28, 2014 / 1:20 pm

    McAfee LiveSafe is from my understanding a great product as it holds the same quality standards of McAfee’s antivirus software as well. ID security has become so big that companies like Lifelock have really mushroomed. Thanks for your post i really enjoyed reading it!

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