OCD Infographic from Benenden Health

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is described as an anxiety disorder. It consists of two parts, obsession and compulsion, with the one leading to the other in a continuing cycle. Obsessions are unwelcome thoughts that can include things like worrying about causing harm to others and being excessively anxious about dirt and germs. Compulsions tend to be things such as locking a door, or checking the oven is off, but these actions are often repeated. The aim of the compulsive behaviour is to relieve the anxiety caused by the obsessive thoughts, but the relief is often short-lived, and the need to repeat actions can cause its own anxiety.

We all have moments of ‘Have I left the iron on?’ panic, but at its most severe this can be an utterly debilitating condition. Research undertaken by Benenden Health shows just how many of us have traits of the disorder. 11% of those surveyed said they have avoided talking about it because they are embarrassed by their own behaviour. Mental health problems affect so many of us these days, we really shouldn’t have to feel ashamed, or frightened of speaking out. The infographic below displays more of their findings. understanding-ocd-symptoms_550x1333 ¬† To read the full article accompanying this infographic visit Benenden Health here. Support for this and other mental health problems can also be found by visiting Mind.org.

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