Top iPad Apps for 2 Year Olds

My 2 year old, Syd, loves my iPad, in fact he claims it is his. I know some people frown on kids using technology, but I find it a brilliant educational tool. Of course that is in balance with all sorts of other indoor and outdoor play, a mix of everything is my parenting mantra!


Along the way we have had hit and miss success with Apps, one of my big bug bears being games that start off free, but lead to toddler demands for often expensive in app purchases- they soon get deleted when he is not looking. I would rather pay a fixed price for a full, good quality app with no adverts or further hidden costs. I thought it would be handy for others to post a list of the ones we have found the most fun, educational, and value for money.

Toca Tea Party – £1.99


We love this. It is a totally interactive role play game which sees your child have a tea party with their teddies. The iPad becomes a tea table, and your child chooses plates, cups and cakes. They then pour drinks, eat cakes, and mop up spills as their teddies enjoy their tea. At the end of each party they even have to wash up! I love the cross over of this game between technology and traditional role play, and Syd really enjoys choosing which teddies get to join him. We also managed to download Toca House when it was free, and Syd loves this too, enjoying helping the various characters with their jobs around the house.

Tiny Hands Sorting – £1.99


Tiny Hands offer a few different games for this age group. We have Sorting 3 +, a fab sorting game, with 12 different activities encompassing counting, colours, shapes and grouping objects. It is challenging enough to stay interesting, educational enough to keep me happy, and easy enough for Syd to be able to understand and complete levels himself, sometimes with a little guidance. Lovely colourful images  and interesting variations make it an absorbing game.

Count, Sort and Match – 69p


Another maths based game that Syd enjoys. A variety of activities across three different areas of maths. Bright graphics and simple tasks make this a good learning game for 2 year olds. As well as maths, it also teaches some basic writing skills by encouraging your child to trace numbers and letters as part of the game. Easy to navigate and use.

Lego Duplo Food – Free


a great FREE app from Lego, in this game your child sets up shop, unloads groceries, and prepares orders from customers by matching the blocks to the images displayed. Easy to use, fun to play, and you can’t get better value than free!

CBeebies Playtime App – Free


Another fabulous FREE app, featuring some of their favourite characters from CBeebies in a variety of educational games. Keeps Syd occupied for ages, and we can play some of the trickier games, like Alphablocks, together. It has been specially designed so that children learn while they play, and Syd really enjoys it.

Hope you enjoy some of these as much as we do!

Love Miss Cisco XXX



  1. March 1, 2014 / 12:50 am

    Oh count and match looks great. I might get that for Amy. I’m always looking for new apps for her. She’s obsessed with the Puzzingo App, so much so that I bought her the full version with about 60 puzzles. She loves it and solves them all in about 10 minutes…
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  3. Sarah Freeman
    December 9, 2014 / 7:16 pm

    Exactly what I need. I’ve been looking for apps for babies.

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