Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush Review

In a Nintendo crazy house there is only one character who comes close to claiming Mario’s crown of popularity – Kirby. Not only do we have all the games, but both boys have stuffed toy Kirbys, I have made a Kirby birthday cake and just last week you could find me making Syd a homemade Waddle Dee plush. As you can imagine, this means there was much anticipation for the latest game in the series, especially as it had an earlier release in other parts of the world which meant they could increase their excitement watching youtube videos of others playing the game.


kirby cake

Kirby Birthday Cake

Homemade Waddle Dee Plush

Homemade Waddle Dee Plush

So what did they make of the new game? Well, here is a quick clip of Syd watching the opening scenes of the game for the first time – clearly a little excited.



The graphics are very appealing to a small person, though as someone who is still getting to grips with pen control, he finds the stylus technique required for game play a bit tricky – luckily he is happy to watch Max play. And as for what Max thinks? Well, at eleven he can tell you himself, so over to him for the full review :-




Kirby is back with a new coat of paint… or… clay. In this new adventure, you guide Kirby through treacherous obstacles by using a rainbow paintbrush, much like Kirby Canvas Curse.

The story opens with Kirby chasing down an apple, and bumping into Bandanna waddle dee. Suddenly, the sky rips open and a paintbrush flies out being chase by two menacing hands (because why not?) The hands soon turn the whole world into immobile, grey clay. The paintbrush (named Elline, whose name becomes hilarious when you think about it) saves Kirby and Bandanna waddle dee, and they go to stop the evil Claycia, who ends up being one of Elline’s old friends. Elline is the one to draw the lines for Kirby in gameplay (get it yet?)

Its art style is very cute and adorable, with a clay-motion like graphics. It feels very warm and lovely, like you’d expect from a fun Kirby game.

The gameplay is fun, but not recommended for those who lack good drawing skills! Draw lines to guide Kirby through each stage, of which there is four of in each of the 7 worlds (named after the colours of the rainbow.) The early levels are very easy, but as the game progresses it gets harder and harder. Collecting 100 stars allows Kirby to grow HUGE and blast through massive objects!

Level 4 of each world is a boss, of which there are 4. Wait, I hear you ask? Yes, there is only 4 different bosses despite there being 7 worlds. The first three bosses (Whispys woods, Hooplagoon and Claykken) appear in 2 worlds each, which could be considered a little lazy, however they are all fun and very hard for Kirby games. Personally, I haven’t reach the final boss quite yet, but I’ve seen it on the internet and it looks fun and challenging!

Multiplayer isn’t perfect… but still a nice laugh! The people with the wii remote play as Bandanna Waddle Dee and jump around the stage. They can carry Kirby or clear the way. Occasionally , in a stage, Bandanna Waddle Dee will need to protect the evil hands from the opening clip.

This game supports Amiibo. They can be tapped in once a day, and give you help. Having trouble collecting 100 stars to grow big? The Kirby amiibo will help by letting you do it when you want! Keep dying? Well then tap the DeDeDe amiibo to get extra hits! Having trouble beating a boss? Then use a Meta Knight amiibo to double your attack power!!

In the end, Kirby and the Rainbow paintbrush is a lovely game, filled with cute- funny graphics and lines. And don’t forget the hundreds of collectables! I give Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush a score of

8 and a half stars

8 and a half out of ten!

Love Miss Cisco (and Max!) XXX

We would like to offer huge thanks to Mummy From The Heart who received a review copy of this game as part of her role as a Nintendo Family Ambassador, and who generously passed it on to us as at that time they weren’t in a position to use it. My boys are massively appreciative – thank you for allowing us to review it on your behalf!



  1. May 17, 2015 / 4:01 pm

    LOVE Kirby. And this sounds like a really fun game, thanks for the review.

    • May 17, 2015 / 7:57 pm

      He does love watching this game – it is very cute! And thank you – always like to give it a go when the boys request something – have had a go at all manner of Nintendo characters in both cakes and crafts over the past few years!
      Sonya Cisco recently posted…Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush ReviewMy Profile

  2. May 17, 2015 / 8:19 pm

    I can see why little ones would like this, it sounds like a great game xx
    Michelle recently posted…The Weekly Top 5 #6My Profile

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