We have various dietary requirements in our household – four out of five of us are vegetarian and we have one who is lactose intolerant. This means I understand just how tricky it can be to negotiate labels when you want to make sure a food is suitable for your… View Post

Anyone else have a reluctant toothbrusher? Syd is terrible – he won’t let anyone else do it, and doesn’t do the best of jobs himself. We are finally at the point where they at least get brushed twice a day without too much of a battle, but I still worry… View Post

OK, OK, I know I already wrote about this years Camp Bestival, but I wanted to do an extra post with some more of my photos – the ones from the evenings. The sunsets are always spectacular at Camp B, and the whole place takes on an extra magical feel… View Post

It has been birthday week in our house – my eldest and youngest are 15 years apart in age, but their birthdays are only 3 days apart – which means lots of baking for me. Now while I make a tasty cake, I am not a fancy decorator, I can’t… View Post

You know one of the biggest downsides of festivals? Camping. Well. Not so much camping but all the business that goes with it – overloaded cars, rowing as you struggle against the wind to get the tent up, snapping at each other as you try and get the tent back… View Post

It is a few days since we got home from Camp Bestival 2016 and I am now clean and mostly recuperated, though my thigh muscles still know I did a lot of walking at the weekend! So how was it? Well, it was totally ace, as always!     This… View Post

My new job has massively impinged on the time I have to bake, so one of the first things I did now both the kids and I are on holiday for the summer was head back into the kitchen. Having been on a bit of a brownie roll lately I… View Post

Wow, Camp Bestival is flying up at us fast! All this going back to work nonsense means all of a sudden it is almost upon us and I haven’t done much in the way of getting ready yet! Luckily Pitch Village are taking care of our camping needs this year,… View Post

Changes are afoot in the Cisco household. You may have noticed I have been quieter here in recent months, when in theory Syd being at school gave me more time to blog. Well I haven’t just been watching Netflix and ignoring my blog (although that is true some days!) –… View Post

I still remember all the relentless ‘advice’ we had before we started a family. “Your life is going to change, so be prepared!” The truth is, you can prepare all you like, but when the young bundles of joy arrive, your life changes in such weird and wonderful ways that… View Post