Food Maestro App Review

Food Maestro is an app created in partnership with Guys and St Thomas’ NHS foundation trust. It aims to provide open and easy access to anybody in the UK with the right allergy, intolerance and food product ingredient information – specifically for them.

Weymouth Beach After School

The thing I miss most about Syd being at school and Betsy being off at Uni now is our spontaneous adventures. When he was at home and Betsy had whole mid-week days free at college, we would often have days out to explore – visiting the local coastline, manor houses… View Post

Lemon Drizzle Cake

It was my fella’s 50th birthday┬álast weekend, and birthdays call for cake. His favourite is Lemon Drizzle Cake, and if you can’t have your favourite cake on your 50th birthday I am not sure when you can!


Hello. I am not here. Obviously. I am studying for my new OU course. Except that I am here, because I am easily distracted. Since I sat down an hour ago the most productive thing I have done is this….

Vegetarian Steak and Ale Hotpot

The recent freezing weather called for some proper traditional warming grub. We are a family of veggies, bar the teenager, but that doesn’t stop us hankering after a good old hotpot. On this occasion I made it using quorn steak strips, but you could replace that with veggie burgers chopped… View Post


Fifty. The decade of cardigans, cruises and creaky joints. Well. I have always been partial to a cardigan, a cruise would be a vomit fest due to my wobbly inner ear and my joints have been creaky for a long time. But then again I am only 42, it is… View Post

Pavement Pounding

Syd starting school in September bought about many changes, one of which being a change from being relatively sedentary (well, as much as you can be with small people in the house!), to now walking 5 miles a day, 5 days a week.  

Oreo Cake

OK. All pretense is gone – this cake isn’t even masquerading as healthy by having fruit in it – instead it is a biscuit flavoured cake. Obvs I wasn’t going to lose weight with apple cake anyway, and the reason I made this one this week is that Oreo cake… View Post

Back to Education

As regular readers may recall, I found my eldest going off to uni coinciding with my youngest starting school a bit tricky, not only emotionally but it also left me feeling a little redundant! After a suitable period of mourning (for that read: overusing Netflix – I really recommend Jessica… View Post