You know the downside of having an addiction to baking? The fact that there is always delicious and fattening treats in the house, calling my name. I am all too aware that the winter has left me carrying a little more weight than I would like and the warmer weather… View Post

I love chocolate brownies, as do my boys, and I like experimenting with different additions for variety. A few months back I shared a recipe for almond brownies, this time I have made vanilla fudge and sea salt brownies. And they were delicious…

Saturday morning we went to a children’s birthday party in a village hall. 30 kids and a bouncy castle, hot, sweaty and very noisy. While it was fun, it left us in need of the opposite – space and fresh air, so we headed up to the nearby Hardye’s monument… View Post

The sun is shining, the garden is coming into bloom and that demands colourful food to match the weather. (Well, actually it is chucking it down with rain as I type, but it was sunny when I cooked this a couple of days ago!).┬áThese peppers are stuffed with cous cous,… View Post

We have had some days lately where it feels like summer really is just around the corner, and then just as you get a little bit cocky about doing the school run without a coat, the weather tricks you and a sunny day is surprisingly chilly. Still – the sunshine… View Post

One of my favourite ways of grabbing a little me time is to have a bath. I love being immersed in hot water, and of course there is the added bonus of it being the only room in the house with a lock, in theory guaranteeing a few minutes peace.… View Post

I love almonds in both sweet and savoury dishes and often use ground almonds in baking as I find it adds a nice texture to cakes. This time I decided to use almonds for flavour as well as texture, and opted to make a cake with inspired by cherry bakewells.… View Post

My blog is a dead giveaway that my love of music is matched by a love of food, and Camp Bestival not only satisfy my music festival urges, they also cater fabulously for my love of good food. We are all vegetarians, bar the teen, and have always found it… View Post