1. Gorgeous flowers! x

    • thank you x

  2. What lovely, vibrant colours :)

    • they have really cheered up my lounge this week!

  3. That’s gorgeous, love the red!

    • such bright colours, just what I needed in this grey weather!

  4. Very pretty -that orange looks good against those strong greens.

    • I love a good colour clash!

  5. Lovely! I love the orange rose!

  6. I don’t think I’ve seen an orange rose before – very beautiful.

  7. So pretty, a perfect capture!

  8. What a beautiful flower

  9. love the colour!

  10. aww that’s beautiful, love the orange rose xx

  11. Gorgeous colours, and lighting! Definitely something to make you think ahead to Spring! :)

  12. Great combination of colours, lovely to see something so bright. I love fresh flowers.

  13. What a stunning flower

  14. Loving the colour – so beautiful and bright! :) x

  15. such pretty flowers :)

  16. Favourite colour and great shot

  17. So vibrant and bright lovely shot x

  18. Very pretty. Your colour choices are fab! x

  19. thats gorgeous!

  20. Lovely, colourful shot!

  21. Any occasion or just because flowers?

  22. Someone’s hubby been bad? 😉

    Very lovely, can’t beat a bright flower to brighten the mood!

  23. Stunning colour! x

  24. dont see many orange roses.great to help cheer you up in the dreary wintry weather x

  25. Beautiful

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