A #SatCap Climb Every Mountain Special

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Ooooooh I am soooo excited to be hosting #SatCap this week. But more important than my glee at getting to try on all of Mammasaurus’s shoes is the reason why it is here and not there.

Of course you all know who TEAM HONK are by now (and if you don’t then you better click their name now before I spank your naughty bottoms) This very day they are climbing a fricking mountain to raise money for Comic Relief. So before you caption a single thing I would ask you to pop here and sponsor them if you haven’t all ready!

Now. Onto the matter in hand. I couldn’t join them on Snowdon today, because my doctor says I have congenital laziness, so I am holding the SatCap fort while ¬†Mammasaurus and the rest of Team Honk invade Wales and scare away the dragons. Here is my effort, please do your damnedest, then pay a visit to the others linked below!

red nose idiot
The Lesser Spotted Red Nose Idiot.


  1. Sonya the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose…
    (So glad I got in first and could use that one!)

    • I actually was Rudolph once at a Carol concert when I was 11. I had a nose I could flash on and off via a button in my pocket! Was totally humliating at that age!

  2. Attack of the red nosed Aliens had started

  3. Trust me,they’ll all be wearing them soon

  4. She looks very nosey to me!!

  5. You are rocking that look x

    • I am going to wear it more often!

  6. Looks as though your cold has taken a worse toll on your nose than mine has.

    • A-A-A-Tishhooooo!

  7. I was gonna use the one mentioned in the first comment =p
    That is a fab pic! Haha.

    (I linked up!)

    • Thanks for joining in! What a cheeky park pic! :)

  8. It was just a normal day in the office…

  9. #I’m sexy and I know it#
    (sing it, you know you want to) xx

  10. Sonya knew she’d fit in just nicely at the school gates in this get up!

  11. I can’t caption this – I am too busy wolf whistling!

  12. Don’t you nose, that you can’t look good unless your ears match your nose.

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