Saturday is Surreal Caption Day.

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We went to the Tate Modern last weekend, and amongst the bizarre delights was this rather peculiar piece. What are the cocooned mannequins thinking about while being displayed for our consideration??!?
Now head on over to the work of art that is Mammasaurus and do some more captioning!


  1. The borough council had run out of room at its waste disposal centre and so came up with a novel idea for the disposal of items they could not recycle.

    • It does have a hint of junk about it doesn’t it!!

  2. When I agreed to be turned into a chocolate lolly, this wasn’t quite what I envisioned!

    • I would SO do that…

  3. I’d have asked £20,000 to get out of bed if I’d known I was going to be turd modelling.

    • definitely has a fecal look!

  4. It’s fun to stay at the. Y.M.C.A!

    • hahahaha!

  5. What’s brown and sticky?

    • GENIUS

  6. I misheard, I thought they said this was an exciting job not an excreting one.

  7. Tonight on Channel 5, a body shock special, the faeces of a the lesser spotted man eating giant.

    I’d tune in for it!

    Cheers for joining in sweet cheeks – have a groooooovy weekend x

  8. Strike a poos baby!

  9. Nincom-poop – a contemporary drama

  10. *said in post art critic type voice*
    So, you’ll see here we have a contextual composition, a more post-modernist take on … um…. chocolate lollipops *tapers off*….

  11. “And tonight, on the Ten o’Clock News, we hear from Tabitha Muttonfudge, in her report about how all of the major power companies have gone out of business. This is said to be due to all of the worlds major artists spinning so hard in their graves over the new ‘Turd People’ display at the Tate Modern that they’re powering every grid, worldwide, without the need for fossil fuels”

    Shared from Google Keep

  12. i really wish these people weren’t looking at us while we look like this…

  13. We give the chocolate fountain a run for it’s money!

  14. First thing that springs to mind? Poo on a stick…..sorry!

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